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Along the coast of North Bali there are several small villages, such Munduk and Mayong. These villages are often wrongly ignored by tourists. The picturesque surroundings with bushy hills, coffee plantations and typical rice fields are certainly worth a visit.

To visit the mountain villages, we offer different options.

There are short trips of about 4 hours to trips that last for a whole day. We obviously accompany you on these unforgetable excursions.

In the morning we leave by motorcyle to those unspoiled areas where mass tourism has not yet penetrated. You can choose to visit these authentic villages or to do an adventure tour through the wilderness. You are free to do exactly what you want.

For day trips, we provide you with a packed lunch. Do you wish to take an exotic tour? Then go for the local food on the the warung.warung There are different types of warung, ranging from the sale of drinks to small restaurants. A typical warung normally sells food prepared in the traditional manner.

You don't wish to go an a guided tour and you'd rather explore the surroundings yourselves? Then rent a bike, scooter or motorcycle from us at a minimal cost.
















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