duikersPassionate about diving or snorkellng? Diving and snorkeling is a popular activity in Bali. That is not so abnormal when you consider the marine life around Bali. There are many diving areas around Bali where you can encounter different sealife mola mola, such as turtles, Mola mola, and different types of rays including manta ray.

Definitely consider paying a visit to the MALIBU LOVINA DIVE CENTER.

This diving center has more than 15 years of experience and guarantees an unforgettable experience. Their instructors will guide you from an introduction to diving to, if desired, obtaining the certificate of professional diver

In a safe and pleasant environment you are thaught the basics of diving. Are you an experienced diver and you wish to see more of the beauty of the underwater world, then sign up on one of the trips organized by the Malibu Lovina Dive Center. A dive to USS Liberty ship from World War II, a visit to a reef, a view of the beautiful marine life?

You have the choice of different trips (9 in total).

As a beginner, you can count on the assistance of professional instructors. An introductory dive in a closed environment to training in open water, everything is possible.

liber Tyde prices range from 35 Euro to 100 Euro depending on the trip you wish to do. The equipment, transportation, lunch, a drink and dive instructor are included in these prices (* subject to possible changes by the Malibu Lovina Dive Center)l












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